The Toolbox

Over the years of Internet surfing/running businesses I’ve encountered many different scenarios and issues. Whether it be the the need to streamline processes, automate tasks, optimise and scale or increase productivity I’ve encountered many extremely useful resources to make life easier.

On this page I delve into the key resources that have not only helped me to get to where I am today, but also enable me to continue to grow and expand.

Each resource is categorised into relevant sections, based on where they can best assist you.

As I continue to push this blog forward I will provide an individual review and walk through on each resource, outlining where and how it has helped me.

Without further ado, I welcome you to my must have resources.


5 Minute Journal 

An extremely handy way to write down your feelings every morning and evening, helping you to feel happier, more content and achieve more with your life.

Visit 5 minute journal

Productivity Planner

Working alongside the 5 minute journal, the productivity makes getting things done super simple! Organised to help you prioritise it’s a resource I use every morning and evening to ensure I’m focussing on the fundamentals and key areas of business.

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iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is a lifesaver for people on the go. Ensure you have access to your files wherever you go by loading them into the Drive.

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Microsoft Excel 

An all time classic, Excel is the one and only for creating advanced spreadsheets, whether it be forecasts, reports or KPIs.

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Dashlane is a must have tool for anyone who struggles to remember all their passwords. Dashlane allows you to save passwords for every service and auto login on your next visit.

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Project Management


One of my two favourite project management apps. Basecamp has been responsible for increasing productivity and communication between our teams and clients. With a simple and easy to use interface, it’s quick to master.

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A little more advanced than Basecamp, Teamwork is a phenomenal project management app that allows for streamlined productivity. With project progress tracking, sub lists, push reminders and so many more features it’s helped me massively in become more productive at the tasks that matter.

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Domains and Hosting


Namecheap is my chosen provider for purchasing and managing domain names. Quick and easy to use with the ability to make savings by visiting

Visit Namecheap


Offering reliable and affordable VPS’s, Sparknode is my chosen host for most of my projects. Support is super quick and uptime is reliable.

Visit Sparknode

Website Operation


Undoubtedly the worlds largest CMS, I use WordPress to run and manage many websites, from lead generation through to brochure sites. The self hosted version is quick and easy to setup, it’s very well documented and support on their forums is top. Best of all, it’s free.

Visit WordPress


If you don’t have the budget or need to get a basic project live then Themeforest is the place to go for a huge selection of templates, from basic HTML through to WordPress themes.

Visit Themeforest


One of the many Envatos sister sites which includes Themeforest, Codecanyon is an invaluable resource for picking up handy scripts to use on your website. Some of my favourites are NinjaPops and Visual Composer.

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Offering a large selection of over 100+ WordPress plugins and themes for a monthly membership subscription, WPMUDev is great value for money. Their plugins cover many different things, from security and speed optimisation through to setting up a membership site or getting paid with tweets.

Visit WPMUdev

Visual Website Optimiser

One of the key ingredients to running successful websites and campaigns, VWO allows you to A/B, split and multivariate test quickly and easily just by adding a snippet of code to your website, ensuring you’re making the most of your traffic.

Visit VWO

Google Tag Manager

The ultimate time saver. Google Tag Manager allows your to add and manage tags and tracking code on your website through one interface. Whether you’re adding analytics code, Facebook pixels, remarketing tags it can all be done here.

Visit Google Tag Manager

Google URL builder 

Keep organised and measuring metrics is a must when sending traffic to your site. Use the Google URL builder to add custom parameters to your URLs so that you can track how your users react.

Visit Google URL Builder


FileZilla is a free FTP client that makes it quick and easy to upload, download and manage files on your server.

Visit Filezilla


My chosen code editor, as a free software, Komodo has a clean and concise interface with code highlighting, syntax debugging and much more. 

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The most popular design and editing software available, Photoshop is great for editing images, making banners and much more. Although pricey when purchased outright, you can now signup to Adobe Creative Cloud for a nominal monthly fee and gain access to the software.

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WordPress Plugins


A quick, efficient and affordable way to add pop ups to your website. Extremely useful to build your audience, email list or social following. 

Visit Ninja Popups

All-in-one WP migration

AIO WP Migration makes it super easy to migrate sites between different servers/setups. Simply export your site in one click and import on your new setup, taking the media, files and databases across in one go.

Visit All-in-one WP Migration

Gravity forms

One of the most advanced form plugins available on WordPress, GravityForms has a plethora of advanced features such as conditional fields and flow to allow for full flexibility.

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Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO makes it super simple to SEO optimise your WordPress website. With a clean interface, in-depth guidance and the ability to optimise each page for specific keywords, the scoring and grading system makes SEO a simple task for anyone.

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Business Blogs & Influencers

Oliver Kenyon 

The blog of my business partner and founder of AffiliateFix, Oliver provides an insight into the day to day life of an entrepreneur. Offering a monthly growth report, you get to see how Oliver builds and runs his businesses and personal brand.

Visit Oliver Kenyon

Suitcase Marketer

Travelling the world whilst making a living is the dream of many! Well, Rohail Rivzi, otherwise known as the suitcase marketer is living it and he’s one to follow if you want to find out how you can live the ultimate life. 

Visit Suitcase Marketer

Ian Fernando

A veteran in the marketing industry, Ian’s blog is a solid resource for anyone working in the online space. Ian covers anything from how-to’s, industry insight through to travel roundups from his globetrotting.

Visit Ian Fernando

Cash Money Affiliate

Tai is a great friend and phenomenal mobile marketer so if you’re in the mobile space, you must check him out. His blog is packed with guides and tips on mobile marketing, scripts, tools and case studies.

Visit Cash Money Affiliate

Richard Branson

This guy surely needs no introduction but incase you’ve been hiding in a cave, Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group (Atlantic, Records etc). His blog offers insight, opinion and guidance within the business world.

Visit Richard Branson

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a traffic generation and conversion optimisation hero. Founder of CrazyEgg and KissMetrics, Neil has years of experience in the online world and has built and grown several multi-million dollar companies. Follow effect guides, strategies and how-to’s on his personal blog.

Visit Neil Patel

Smart Passive Income

Launched in 2008, Pat Flynn shows his readers how they can make a passive income online. Practicing what he preaches, Pat provides resources, guides and transparent income reports that show just how he’s taken his blog to consistent 6 figures monthly in under 8 years.

Visit Smart Passive Income

Tim Burd

Spending and generating upwards of seven figures a month on Facebook Ads, Tim Burd is a powerhouse when it comes to online marketing. If you’re venturing into Facebook Ads, or even hold experience Tim is must follow guy.

Visit Tim Burd

Podcasts, Audio & Video

The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast

Started by Rob Moore, a property developer and entrepreneur from the UK, the Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast aims to break the mold of the corporate business world by focussing on exciting and positive business methods. Packed with guidance on hiring, marketing, decision making and interviews it’s a must listen for any business owner or entrepreneur.

Visit The Disruptive Entrepreneur

Rebelhead Entrepreneurs Podcast

If you’ve never come across Max Pepe, then you’re truly missing out! One of the nicest, zaniest and most inspiring guys I’ve come across, Max takes the time to interview and really pick the brains of leading entrepreneurs in his Podcast, Rebelhead Entrepreneurs. Featuring a broad spectrum of guests, this podcast is super interesting and inspiring.

Visit Rebelhead Entrepreneurs

TEDTalks Business

It probably doesn’t need much introduction, but TEDTalks Business brings together some of the world’s leading business owners, entrepreneurs and visionaries to share their thoughts and insights on business and life.

Visit TEDTalks Business

Life at 30,000 Feet – Ted Interview

An inspiring interview with Richard Branson where he discusses his career and what it’s taken to get to where he is today. Full of some rather surprising but exciting anecdotes, it’s well worth 30 minutes of your time to watch.

Visit Life at 30,000 Feet

Social Media


Splice is a super easy to use video editor app for your mobile. Create and edit videos, make slideshows, add effects, music and text overlays all in one easy to use app.

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Later streamlines the task of uploading and sharing Instagram photos by allowing you to select and schedule them from a web interface. Search and select from popular hashtags and users, edit the caption and drag them on the calendar to schedule.

Visit Later

Mobile Apps

Facebook Page Manager

An easy to use app for managing your Facebook pages on the go. Track metrics, upload updates and monitor progress all from the one app.

Visit Facebook Pages Manager (iOS)

Visit Facebook Pages Manager (Android)

Facebook Ads Manager

If you’re running Facebook Ads then this app is a must. As with the web interface, the Ads Manager app allows you to monitor and edit ads, pause, amend budgets etc.

Visit Facebook Ads Manager (iOS)

Visit Facebook Ads Manager (Android)


Make the most of your ‘in-between’ time by listening to audio books from some of the worlds leading authors. Audible has thousands of audio books in it’s library and for a small monthly fee provides a credit to download these books.

Visit Audible (iOS)

Visit Audible (Android)

iCloud Drive 

Already mentioned earlier in the resources, the iCloud Drive mobile app is super useful for being able to access and manage your files on the go!

Visit iCloud Drive

Health & Fitness


If you’re a runner then Runtastic is immense for tracking, measuring and analysing your progress. Mapping where and how far you run, it measures your pace, overall speed, time, elevation and much more to allow you to continually improve.

Visit Runtastic (iOS)

Visit Runtastic (Android)

Apple Health

Bundled in as standard with your Apple device, Apple Health is great for quickly and easily measuring day to day health and activity statistics. Whether you use it to monitor your diet and fitness, or just want to see how far you’ve walked in a given day/week/month/year then it’s extremely handy.

Visit Apple Health


One of the biggest music streaming services, Spotify is great for getting motivated when you’re working out. Make your own playlists or select from one of the many editor or user generated playlists to keep you pushing.

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